A fresh start with YOU

A fresh start with YOU!

Introducing YOU app, the new human-focused multi-vertical app, coming soon in Bahrain.

The e-commerce industry is one of the fastest growing industries of our time. CNNB reports that 91% of customers in the MENA region have converted to digital e-commerce platforms and will continue to fulfill their purchases online, with 73% of customers stating that their shopping preferences switched to online platforms ever since the pandemic. The age of digitalization is in full swing and we have come up with a new innovative platform to ensure all human-centered needs both big and small are delivered to consumers.

Introducing YOU app, we are a human-centered platform that focuses on YOU as an individual and your daily needs. Our platform built on the feelings of consumer empathy in mind, helps our customers tackle emotional, rational, social and free-will needs by creating convenience and reducing pain points. We aim to help YOU enjoy every minute of your life through reducing mobility constraints when YOU need food, flowers, grocery, pharma, fashion, electronics etc.

We aim to create satisfaction and harmony among our stakeholders. Starting with our users, we will be providing more convenient solutions, and better services to ensure all your needs are provided and delivered safely and securely to your location of choice in Bahrain.

For our business partners, we have developed more innovative tools to cater to their businesses, we believe in the potential of local businesses in the Kingdom and supporting their growth. Furthermore, we aim to help these businesses build better relationships with customers and reach new ones as well.

Our wide array of services are centered around YOU, we take pride in being customer service and supplier service oriented. We have an open-door policy with all of our stakeholders. As a part of our brand identity, we are also cost-conscious as well as fair and reasonable. Our key objective is to deliver a passionate and personalized experience, focusing on the daily needs of YOU.

Our promise to our users and business partners is to simply make them “live happier”.By adding enrichment to people’s lives by providing convenience and ease, we give them better solutions and choices to help them live happier.

At YOU app, our multi-vertical offerings range from Food & Beverages, Health & Beauty, Fashion (Trendy by YOU), Lifestyle, Grocery and Flowers. We are covering all of your needs under one platform.

YOU app is created by the support of GCC investors and Dr. Adel Hubail, founder and CEO. The application will be available to the general public this March by downloading the app on the apple app Store for iOS users and Google Play for Android users. Business or partner opportunities are still accepted by contacting YOU app’s representatives.

Ready to partner with the next biggest platform in the kingdom? We got YOU!

Please contact sales@you-app.cloud or +973 39008098 for more information.