Fashion forward thinking: Size inclusivity

With the recent increase in fashion brands providing more options with improved fits for all body types, there is an emerging trend that involves the industry buzzword – size inclusivity. At YOU app, the top platform to buy fashion trends products online in Bahrain, provides all sizes for various shapes and sizes so you can inclusively stay up to date with the latest fashion trends.

Here are the reasons brands are thinking fashion forward with size inclusivity:

  • Opportunities for profit have increased:

    Providing a variety of sizes to meet recent consumer demands is a sure fire way to generate more sales. Brands are moving from standard sizes and more towards ranges such as petite, tall and curve (or plus-size) sizes to adapt to a market that celebrates body inclusivity.

  • Creating brand loyalty and return customers:

    Consumers are more likely to stick with a brand and are more likely to complete a repeat purchase if the brand continues to cater to them by providing a variety of trending styles in their correct sizes.

    Old standard sizing would end at a US 14, which used to limit market access. Putting it simply, providing more sizes brings in more customers and more customers are likely to stay loyal to a brand that fulfills their needs at the right price and quality.

  • Staying up to trend:

    It is important to keep listening to customer feedback and staying updated with the latest trends in the industry to ensure business continuity and that the fashion brand is adaptable in an ever changing market. YOU app ensures your business is front and center for customers to shop fashion and accessories online in Bahrain!

Victoria’s Secret and Topshop’s failure to adjust to the changing market resulted in losses and closures for the latter. Consumers rely on applications and changing market trends to buy online clothing and fashion accessories.

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