How digital pharmacies are benefiting from YOU app this Ramadan

This Ramadan, pharmacies are gearing up as health-conscious consumers are relying on certain products, medications and supplements to ease their fasting during the Holy month.

At YOU app, the number one platform to shop health, beauty and makeup products online,

we examine the methods in which pharmacies are able to ensure consumers are able to observe Ramadan healthily and conveniently. Here’s how:

  • Around the clock delivery:Ramadan includes lifestyle adjustments such as increased night time activity in the late hours. YOU app is committed to providing around the clock access to digital pharmacies and providing care products online in Bahrain on the app with quick delivery to the consumer’s doorstep to provide convenience.
  • Availability of essential vitamins and supplements:

    Our featured pharmacies highlight essential dietary and wellness supplements for consumers considering a wellness boost. Supplements are a great option during the Holy month to ensure all nutritional needs are met and helps avoid deficits. We recommend consulting with your GP first prior to taking any supplements.Essential supplements that support healthy bodily functions include apple cider vinegar pills for weight management and digestion, evening primrose oil gels to promote healthy sleeping patterns and balanced hormones. In addition to Vitamin D to boost immunity and Omega 3 pills to improve alertness and cognitive function.

    Furthermore, multivitamins are a popular purchase during Ramadan to support an optimal diet as meal intakes are reduced.

Focusing on hydrating, moisture-rich skincare products:

Another common health issue that is frequently faced in Ramadan is dehydration.

The usual course of treating dehydration is focused on drinking water and retaining fluid consumption. This concept tends to ignore the biggest organ that does not receive the adequate replenishment it needs especially in Ramadan – our skin.

Therefore, YOU app, the top provider of cosmetic products online in Bahrain, will ensure its operating pharmacies will provide the finest skincare products with the highest quality of ingredients and efficacy. Applying moisture-rich skincare products on the face and body, and especially the eye area will help maintain the skin’s healthy glow and appearance despite sleep disruptions that occur in Ramadan.

As work is still commenced during the Holy month, dehydrated skin that is exposed to harmful sun rays puts it at even greater risk for increased dehydration, sun damage and premature aging. It is imperative SPF sunscreens are applied during the day when exposed to the sun rays. YOU app’s pharmacies will be providing a wide range of sun protection products that are suitable for all skin types.

Furthermore, YOU app also provides professional hair products online to ensure optimum haircare during the Holy month.
The retail pharmacy industry is changing and the appetite for digital pharmacies available to order is increasing. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to access more customers and boost your pharmacy sales by joining YOU app as a Health & Beauty vendor today!