Privacy Policy of YOU


YOU app and website is owned by WeDeliver Company (collectively referred to as “we”, “our” or “us”) in this privacy policy and is responsible for the personal information that is collected from individuals who use our Services (hereafter referred to as "Users" or “User”). Personal information refers to any that may be used for identifying a person such as first name and last name, home or work address, or mobile number. A user shall provide selected personal information when they register with us.  A users can also choose not to reveal their personal information by using our services as a guest.  


However, our company values the privacy of the users and is dedicated in securing personal information. This privacy policy will explain how we handle users’ personal information when they visit our website or mobile application. It is essential that users read the privacy policy in order to understand how and why we use their information.

1.0 Information collected

1.1 We will collect information personal information from users such as first and last name, mobile number, address, and GPS location, which is deemed to be necessarily for creating an account, processing the orders, and to contact the users if necessary. However, other information such as email, gender, and date of birth are optional. The user can choose to fill in this information or leave it blank when creating an account with YOU. 

1.2 We may also collect the following information: 

1.2.1 Non personal information from the users such as past orders, favorite restaurants, customer service inquiries, restaurant reviews, or users’ interaction in the social media part in YOU.  This helps in providing real-time personalization that assists in enhancing the user experience and efficiency by focusing on customization and specific user interaction.

1.2.2 Click stream data might also be collected as users navigate our website, which reveals which pages they visited, which features they utilized, and how long they spent on each page. This information will not expose the identity of the users. The information collected about the users' interaction is for the purpose of evaluating, analyzing, and supporting their purchases and to make their usage of the website easier and more enjoyable. In addition, collecting click stream data also contributes to improving the performance of the app and the website, which is the most critical element in keeping users from moving to another platform.

1.2.3 The IP addresses of the devices of the users are the Internet Protocol addresses. The Internet Service Provider of the users assigns an IP Address to their device automatically. When visitors visit the Site, this number is automatically detected and saved in our server log files, together with the times and pages accessed. IP address collection is a commonplace on the Internet, and many websites do it automatically.

1.2.4 YOU Driver can upload his one image or any selected image and use it in his/her profile.

2.0 Purpose of Information Collected

2.1 We will use users’ information for the following purposes:

2.1.1 To create an account for them as a new customer.

2.1.2 For processing and delivering users’ order 

2.1.3 To maintains our business connection with users and this includes notifying them of any changes to our privacy policy or terms and conditions; requesting users to participate in a survey or submit a review; and responding to any questions that they may have.

2.1.4 To provide users with appropriate website content and adverts, as well as to assess or comprehend the efficiency of the advertising that we provide to users.

2.1.5 To enhance our website, marketing/promotions, services we offer, customer experience, and interaction by utilizing data analytics.

2.1.6 Use an automatic email alert service to deliver news.

2.1.7 To provide users with recommendations on services, offers, or products that might be in their interest. 

2.1.8 YOU Driver app uses uploaded image to enhance the look of the driver profile only.

3.0 Disclosure of the Users’ Information.

  1. Users’ information is disclosed on certain conditions which are the following:
  2. Information such as name, phone number, address, and email, are necessary throughout the order process in order to identify the user and to fulfill a transaction. When the users complete their order, their personal information gathered on our platform will be shared with a restaurant. We have an agreement with all our member restaurants that prohibits them from disclosing or further processing personal information that we have supplied to them. The users’ personal information will be used to keep them updated on the status of their order. 
  3. When users choose to pay online using debit or credit card, their card details will have to be sent to the merchant acquirer to get an approval for accepting payment. The card details sent to the users’ merchant acquirer are encrypted and highly secured. In addition, the users’ card details will not be saved by us it will be saved by the acquirer only. 
  4. Users’ information may be disclosed to third parties who provide us with service such as data analytics, promotion ads, IT infrastructure, web hosting, and any other applicable services that is required to enhance the overall user experience.
  5. In the event that our company has been merged, jointed ventured, or sold, the information will be transferred.
  6. We think it is essential to disclose users’ information for investigating, preventing, or responding to, suspected fraud, illegal activity or circumstances that involves possible risks to anyone's physical safety, or breaches of the Website's terms of service; or to obey the law and to react to requests from public and government authorities, including public and government agencies.

4.0 Cookies

4.1 In order to provide users with the best experience when visiting our website, we may set "cookies" on their device. When they visit our site, they have the option to accept or decline cookies. Cookies are text files containing little bits of information such as a username and password that are utilized for identifying users’ computer when they connect to the internet. Cookies helps users in saving time by remembering their information.

In the other hand, cookies allow us to retain users’ preferences, collect statistical data, and monitor how users utilize the services that we provide in our website. Cookies are extensively used, and most web browsers are set up to accept them automatically by default. Users can alter and customize their browser settings to not accept cookies if they want. But however, some features and services on the Site may not work correctly if users disable cookies or refuse to accept a request to place a cookie.


5.0 Data protection

5.1 We will use the Cloudflare’s WAF, DDoS protection, and SSL services to protect our AWS server (web hosting) which provides all types of online threats while dramatically improving website performance through their global Content Distribution Network (CDN) and web optimization features.

6.0 Security

6.1 Strict measures have been taken to ensure the that users’ personal information is highly secured and protected. However, data transmitted over the internet is not 100% secure. Therefore, kindly do not share with us through email any confidential information such bank card details, or personal ID.

In addition, we believe that the users have an important part in ensuring the protection of their personal information. As a result, they should always keep their personal information private at all times.) Without your login and password, no one can see or update your personal information, so kindly, do not share them with anyone.

7.0 Promotions

7.1 To provide users with the best experience, we may contact them from time to time with their consent through email or SMS on any campaigns, offers, discounts, and services that they might be interested in. If they do not wish to receive any of these emails or SMS, they can unsubscribe by contacting us through our contact center at 17778885.

8.0 Amendments of the YOU Privacy Policy

8.1 We claim all authority to amend or update the Privacy policy of YOU at all times. Any changes made will immediately be updated in the app and website. The app users will be notified when these changes occur through email. In addition, a notification from the app will be sent to all users.

9.0 Amendments to User’s Personal Information

9.1 Users who have an account with YOU can update or change their personal information, address, email, or password through the setting option. 

9.2 If a user does not have an account with YOU, but order as a guest, his information will only be used for placing an order and will not be stored in the database. However, the information that he provides to place an order cannot be changed once the order has been placed. 

10.0 Consent

10.1 Using the app and the website of YOU means that users are agreeing on the terms and conditions as well the Privacy Policy. 

11.0 Contact

11.0 If you have any queries regarding the privacy policy of YOU, do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 17778885