Struggling to keep flowers fresh in the office? Here’s how!

We have all been in this situation, a beautiful arrangement is gifted to you at the office oryou buy fresh flowers online and you change its water frequently only for it to wilt within a week of receiving it. Turns out, there’s more to taking care of your flower arrangements beyond changing its water.

Wondering how to keep your YOU app flower arrangements fresh for longer? Check out these tips from YOU app, the premier flowers delivery service in Bahrain.

  • Trim those stems:

    We recommend frequently cutting the ends of the flower stems with a sharp blade or floral sheers to ensure the flowers are absorbing as much water as possible.

    Top tip: Try cutting the stems underwater to ensure no air enters the stems which can impede water absorption.

Sugar rush:

Did you know a mix of three tablespoons of sugar and two tablespoons of white vinegar per litre protects your arrangement against bacteria and ensures optimum plant nourishment? Try this mixture today and notice the difference!

This tip is frequently used by various Bahrain flower shops, especially floral boutiques listed on YOU app, the best flower delivery service in Bahrain!

  • Feed those flowers:

    Literally! To ensure the nourishment and health of your arrangements, flower food is a great way to keep your flowers fresh for longer.

    Flower food contains an important nutrient which is sugar, and antibacterial bleach that acts as a protectant in the water, and an acidifier to maintain the water’s PH at a healthy level.

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  • Remove wilted petals frequently:

    Keeping wilted petals or leaves on your arrangement can affect the overall nourishment and water absorption which consequentially leads to your arrangements lasting for a short amount of time.

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