Terms of Use

Ratification of the Term of Use

Any person or entity who reads, uses, accesses, browses, or contributes any content or material to the site is referred to as a "user."

To become a member of the YOU app, the user must first complete the registration form and then accept to comply with the requirements of the YOU app user agreement. By completing and ratifying the registration form, obtaining any services, or ordering a meal, grocery, or item or product from any of the verticals through this platform, the user agrees to be bound by the YOU app user agreement.

However, the user has a responsibility to make all required arrangements to get accessibility to the YOU app. The user also has a responsibility for making sure that anyone who uses their Internet connection to visit the YOU app is aware of and complies with the app's Term of Use. The Terms of Use is a legal binding agreement between the user and the YOU app. By utilizing, viewing, visiting, navigating, or uploading any information or materials on the app, this means that the user is agreeing to the Term of Use as a legal binding agreement. In addition, the user might not be able to complete his registration without accepting the Term of Use and Privacy Policy.

In the other hand, the YOU app claims all authority to amend or update the Term of use at all times. Any changes made will immediately be updated in the app. The user’s continues use of the app and website signifies that the terms has been read by the user and it also indicated the users’ acceptance to the terms and that he is bounding to the changes.

Description of Our Services

The YOU app allows its users who have ratified the agreement to buy from online vendors. The goal of the app is to give the user an easy and practical service by connecting them to vendors. In addition, the YOU app have been designed to function as a platform with different vertical and they are they are food and beverages, grocery, health and beauty, flower and chocolate, fashion, and lifestyle.
However, the YOU app does not interfere with the production of any item sold by vendors in all vertical. The vendors are required to follow Bahrain laws, rules, regulations, and standards governing the food preparation and safety

In the other hand, the user should be aware that YOU app does independently validate a vendor's credentials, products, the quality or ingredients of any items or whether a vendor is in conformity with the relevant applicable laws. In addition, the user must put himself at ease with the quality and dependability of the vendors as well as their compliance with applicable laws, by looking at the information supplied by the stores on the app or the user can ask the vendor directly about the product information.

Furthermore, the YOU app does not verify the inputs of any items. Moreover, the YOU app shall not be accountable or liable for any item or services provided by the vendors that are not healthy, unaccepted by the user or does not fulfill his expectations.


Once the User have chosen his order from the menu of his preferred vendor, he will be able to submit his order by pressing the "Checkout" button. The user should keep in mind that after clicking on the "Checkout" button, any mistakes in the information entered will be unchangeable. The app will begin processing the users’ purchase and we will notify the User on the last page that his order has been received and successfully sent to the vendor. If any payment made is not approved, the user will be sent back to the checkout page.

Order Cancellation

The user has the option to cancel a purchase within 5 minutes from ordering it on the app. However, while every attempt is made to maintain accurate prices and descriptions, the YOU app retains the right in cancelling any orders due to incorrect information provided by the users. A vendor may also cancel an order after the user have received a confirmation that it has been confirmed. In addition, the YOU app and the partner stores/vendors have the right in cancelling any order, pre or post acceptance, and the user will be informed of any such cancellation as soon as possible.

However, if the order has been canceled by the vendor after an order have been made, the customer will get a chargeback either through avocado credit or he will receive a refund to his debit/credit card.



Any member of the YOU app have a "username" and "password" that are chosen by the member himself. The "username" is unique to the individual, and no two members are given the same "username". Only the member himself knows the "password." The password can be changed at any moment by the member. The member is solely responsible for selecting and protecting his password. YOU app is not responsible for any issues that may occur as a consequence of the usage of a password.

However, by email, we will inform the member regarding promotions that are taking place in the member’s zone and from which the member may benefit from. The YOU app does not share information with 3rd party organizations; nevertheless, the contact information may be shared with all stores in the app to provide a quicker and more effective delivery.

To connect to the services that need a membership to the YOU app, the user have to provide his login details and this includes his username and password. However, by using the YOU app, the user warrant that any personal information he provides is true, correct, up-to-date, and completed, and that any modifications to his personal information will be updated immediately in his profile or he can contact us to update his information. In addition, the user agrees that there should not be an impersonation or use a false or unauthorized name andit is not permitted to register numerous memberships with the same name.
In addition, passwords should be kept private at all times and should not be disclosed or shared to anybody. The user is solely liable for any activity and orders that occur or are submitted as a result of his membership. If the user suspects that someone knows his password, he should inform us so that we can take the appropriate action.

The user is not permitted to use our services for any illegal or unauthorized activity, which includes, but not limited to the distribute of any illegal, libelous, abusive, threatening, hurtful, vulgar, or otherwise objectionable material; the transmission of materials that is considered a criminal offense, resulting in civil liability, or violates any

laws, rules or regulation; the interference with enjoyment of an individual of the app; the attempt to obtain unauthorized access to the app or networks linked to it by spoofing, hacking, or other similar techniques that damage, disable, or impair the functioning of the app.

User’s Responsibilities

The following are the responsibilities of the user:

  1. The user must confirm that the information that he provides for registration is correct and he should be held liable for any losses that might occur due to inadequate information such as forgetting the password and in the following circumstances there can be a termination of membership.
  2. The user shall be solely responsible for all personal thoughts, points of view, and declarations expressed by the user when using our services, as well as the files uploaded to the app and personal information submitted, and the YOU app shall not be held accountable for these files.
  3. The user shall not have unauthorized access to our services in any way besides the one specified by the app.
  4. The YOU app shall not be responsible for any losses that may emerge from the reading of data that belongs to any user by any unauthorized individuals or parties.
  5. Messages should not be sent by user that are posing a threat, is racist, morally wrong, and objected to the Bahraini laws and to indemnify the YOU app for all moral and material loss in the case the user does not abide with the the above articles. In addition, all communications, titles, and nicknames posted in context must not violate public order and morals, manners and rules of law and may threaten other users or employees of the YOU app call center and Live Chat.
  6. The users should not act in a way that affects other users' use of services.
  7. The user should not post, distribute, circulate any amoral, improper, and illicit materials and information that may impact the titles of any persons or entities.
  8. The user should not send information or programs that may harm other users' computer information or software in activities such as contests, chain letters, surveys, etc.
  9. The records as a whole or materials obtained by utilizing the YOU app service are at the user's consent. The user will be totally liable for any harms, loss of data or different misfortunes brought about by them in the user's PC and the user shall not request any pay for any misfortunes emerging from the utilization of the services and may not use YOU's services for commercial and advertising purposes without our consent.
  10. The YOU app can do monitoring for its system at any moment or indefinitely.
  11. The YOU app could use its system for business reasons; however, the user should not send any information that is prohibited by law, nor can he distribute any email that have not been authorized to be sent such as malicious software, chain mail and so on; nor can he track or misuse any personal details that belongs to others.
  12. The user is solely accountable for any actions taken under the “username”. The user must pay the service price thawas previously announced at the time of the product delivery. The product will not be provided to the user if this is not the case.
  13. The user shall not use a 3rd party account to access the app without the account holder's express consent
  14. The user shall not utilize the YOU app for unlawful reasons.

The user shall not contribute to any act of violation on the YOU app.

  • The user shall not use the YOU app for commercial reasons other than legitimized use of the app service.
  • The use shall copy content such as the reviews added or vendors’ menu.
  • The user shall not start creating reviews on shop or blog entries for any commercial or some other reason or purpose that does not comfort in good conscience comport with the purpose or spirit of the YOU app.
  • The user shall not intrude with another person’s or other entity’s use and enjoyment of the YOU app.
  • The user shall not post or transfer viruses or other dangerous or destructive files.
  • The user shall not impair, harm, or breach the app’s security, servers, or systems.
  • To access the website, all users who are minors in their jurisdiction (under the age of 18) must have the approval of, and be closelysupervised by, their parent or guardian. If the user is under the age of 18, his parents or guaridain should read the terms of use before allowing the user to use the YOU app.
  • The user must use his own debit or credit when paying through the payment gateway in the app. Otherwise, the user must obtain legal approval from the card owner before proceeding with the purchase.

Visitors conduct and Information

Any content or information thatthe user sends, or upload to the YOU app, which does include personal information, shall be deemed non-proprietary and is not considered as confidential. The YOU app shall be under no obligation toward such information.

Anyone else that is appoint by us are allowed in copying, disclosing, distributing, incorporating, or rather utilize such content and any data, pictures, audio, texts, and other material inherent in it for any and all commercial or non-commercial reasons.

The user is not permitted to publish, upload, or transmit to or from the YOU app any content that:


  • Is illegal or deceptive; and violates the Bahrain law.
  • Is equivalent to unlawful marketing; or holds viruses or other potentially hazardous applications.
  • Any comments or reviews submitted by the user on the app must not: encompass any libelous, inappropriate, or violent content; encourage violence or discriminatory treatment; intrude on another person's intellectual property rights; violate any legal responsibility owed to a third party for instance confidentiality obligations ; promoting unlawful activities or invading another's privacy; give the impression that they originate from us; or be used to impersonate another person or misrepresent your affluence.

However, the user is not permitted in misusing the app or website (this includes hacking). In addition, the banned activities described in the preceding paragraphs are not all-inclusive. The user agrees to reimburse the YOU app for any expenses or damages incurred as a consequence of his violation of any of these limitations.

The YOU app will completely cooperate with any law enforcement authorities or court order asking or directing us to divulge the identify or whereabouts of anybody who violates the preceding paragraph by uploading any content.

Forbidden Activities

The User shall not visit or utilize the app for any reason other than those specified by the YOU app. The YOU app is intended for users’ personal use and shall not be used inconjunction with any business ventures unless expressly sponsored or permitted by the YOU app.


In the event that the user engages in any forbidden/unlawful activity, The YOU app has the right in suspending, banning, or canceling the membership of a user and restricting his access to the app. Prohibited behaviors or actions including, but are not limited to:

  • Fraud, obscene material trafficking, drug sales, gambling, harassing, spamming, infringement of copyright, patent infringement, or stealing of commerce secrets are all examples of illegal or tortious activities.
  • Without the prior authorization of the YOU app, methodical retrieval of data or other material from the app in order to establish or assemble, directly or indirectly, a directory, database, compilation.
  • Undertaking unauthorized use of the services offered by the YOU app, such as gathering users’ personal information such as email with the aim of sending unsolicited email.
  • Taking part in linking or framing the app which is deemed to be unauthorized.
  • Sending chain letters or spam mails to other people.
  • To use information received from the YOU app for communicating, promoting, soliciting, or selling to other users without their express prior permission.
  • Participating in automated system usage, including utilizing scripts for adding friends or sending comments or messages, or utilizing robots or data mining, or related data collection and extraction methods.
  • Trying to interfere with, disrupting, or placing an excessive load on the app or networks to which it is linked to the YOU app.
  • Making an attempt in impersonating another person.
  • Using the login credentials of other users.
  • Attempting to sell or transfer your profile.
  • Utilizing any information acquired from the app to bother, threaten, or harm someone else.
  • Trying to decipher, decompile, disassemble, or reverse engineering any program constituting or forming a part of the YOU app.
  • Trying to circumvent anysecurity measures intended to limit or restrict access to the YOU app or any part of the YOU app.
  • Any act of Harassment, irritation, or threating of a user to the YOU app by any communication means or to our employees or agents involved in providing the user with any of the app services.
  • Showcasing an advert or the acceptance of payment or anything worth from a third party in return for conducting on their behalf, commercial activities on the YOU app, which includes writing blogs, news or posting on social media with a commercial purpose.
  • Inconsistent use of the YOU app with any and all relevant laws and regulations.
  • Every other potential harmful activity on the YOU app.


The YOU app has the following rights:

  • The YOU app has the right to temporarily stop or terminate the system’s functioning at any time.
  • The YOU app shall have no liability to its members or any third parties as a result of the system's temporary suspension or total shutdown.
  • The login details will be presented and accepted upon the completion of the application components that the YOU app will send to the customers. The YOU app reserves the right to prohibit customers who have completed all required fields or who have connected despite the presence of passwords from obtaining a new password or from using their existing passwords for an extended length of time if the YOU app deems that it is necessary.
  • The YOU app reserves the right in backing up and deleting all or a portion of the data, communications, and other content submitted by members or users while using the app services for any duration considered appropriate by the YOU app. The YOU app is not liable for the procedures of deletion or backing up.
  • The YOU app owns and retains ownership and copyrights in the graphics, designs, software, and information it creates or purchases from third parties.
  • The YOU app sales are restricted to the availability of menu, item, or product of the vendors shown on the app. The YOU app shall not be liable if the vendor accepts an order and does not deliver the item to the customer due to an item being out of stock.The shop should take responsibility in checks the availability of the items before accepting the orders.
  • The online vendors on the YOU app have the duty to alter the information in connection to the pricing and product characteristics that are available for sale on the app. If there is any misrepresentation about the pricing or product specification, YOU app may fix the error by canceling the transaction.
  • The YOU app reserves the right in posting any kind of materials such as graphics, designs, software, and information or other materials such as filles, messages, or new, uploaded to the board generated by members and uploaded to the system or transfer them to another location within the site considered suitable by YOU.
  • The YOU app may facilitate a member's transfer to other websites. In this instance, the user accepts that the app is not liable for other websites’ context accepts that app is not liable for other websites' context that the user may visit through its web.
  • The YOU app has the right to make modifications to the executions of this agreement, including amending current articles or adding new ones, in order to comply with any future technological requirements and regulations.
  • The YOU app has the right to alter the services that do not need membership to those that do. The YOU app may introduce new services, update parts of its existing services partly or fully, or transition to a paid service.

Reviews Guidelines

The following criteria are used to approve reviews:


The reviewers must have had actual experience with the store.

Appropriate Content:

The YOU app is not required to accept reviews that are posted on the app The following are some of the possible grounds for rejection:

  • Cursing, rude, violent, racist, and hateful words are not accepted.
  • Content that is irrelevant.
  • Discrimination on nationality, race, disability, gender, or religion, is prohibited.
  • Allegations of infractions of the health code.
  • Out-of-date information
  • References to illegal activity or uncorrelated references towards society’s traditions and values.
  • Conflicts of interest: Competitive stores are not permitted in posting bad evaluation. Infringement to the above rules may lead to permanent removal of the store from the app.


The YOU app does not endorse reviews, and they do not reflect the opinions of the app, and its company (WeDeliver). The YOU app takes no responsibility for any review, or any claims, obligations, or damages arising from the use of the YOU app or information on the YOU app.


The YOU app owns all of the reviews in perpetuity. The YOU app have the right in reproducing, altering, translating, transfering, and distributing any and all review-related items. In addition, the YOU app is not obligated to compensate the author or anybody else for their reviews.

Avocado Credit

  1. Avocado Reward Program will work for all verticals regardless of the purchase.
  2. The customer can purchase AVOCADOS using his debit card or credit card.
  3. The redemption of the AVOCADOS can be applied to any verticals and also can be transferred to any person by choosing his/her name in the contact list. If the transferee has downloaded & registered in the app, the AVOCADOS will automatically be transferred to his wallet.
  4. Purchases with fraction shall be rounded down, i.e. a purchase of BD 6.5 will be considered as BD 6.
  5. Each earned Avocado is available for 30 days only, after that the Avocado expires.
  6. The Avocado status can be seen in the Avocado Wallet.
  7. Any subscriber can purchase avocado coins. These avocado can be used to purchase/donate/gift to anybody within the app.


Agreement termination

The YOU app may unilaterally end the agreement deriving from these terms at any moment.

Non-Personal and Non-Commercial Use Restrictions

The user agree that the implications of commercial use or republication of information or content of YOU may result in severe and incalculable financial compensation that may not be an adequate or suitable solution, and YOU will be obligated to have injunctive relief that is non-permanent or permanent to prevent such use.

Product Return

Each store has a different return policy. The YOU app accepts no responsibility for any issues that may emerge as a result of the stores' conditions for product return.

Payment Options

-The user may choose from a variety of payment options available on the YOU app, including cash on delivery, debit/credit card, or by avocado credit.

-The YOU app has the right in providing other payment options or to discontinue a particular method of payment.

-The user must select a method of payment when he places an order. If the user

chose to pay online, their card details will have to be sent to the merchant acquirer to get an approval for accepting payment. The card details sent to the users’ merchant acquirer are encrypted and highly secured.

-If the user wishes to save his card details for future payment, he can. The card details will not be saved by us it will be saved by the acquirer only.

-The user is required to guarantee enough coverage of the particular account or, if using a credit card, to use the credit card solely within the card transaction limit.

-The user must avoid unlawful debit charge backs/ debit chargebacks that are not authorized.


The refund shall be practiced as per the internal policy of the company and vendors’ policy.


Order acceptance means that there is an agreement/transaction between the vendor the user. This order is solely the responsibility of the store. To complete an order, cash payments are given directly to the driver upon delivery, and it will be sent to the store. If the user chooses to pay online using debit/credit card, the transaction is handled by the merchant acquirer.

However, the delivery fees are calculated for each order and are determined by the distance or the shop’s policy. The user can identify the delivery fee before payment are made. It will be made visible near the store's information.
The user should carefully read the following terms of service and disclaimer before using the credit or debit card for payments:
-The user agrees to pay any additional charges imposed by the store as a result of the

general or special request submitted by the user in cash upon delivery. If the delivery time exceeds the shop's delivery guarantee time, the user may cancel the order and his payment will be reimbursed to his account.

-The order cancellation period for users is restricted to 5 minutes from the moment the order is placed. For the user’s refund, the payment made with debit card with Benefit, the money can be refunded the same day. For credit cards, the chargeback will be on the second day.

-In the event of a delay in the chargeback, the user must follow up with the bank. An email will be sent to the user that includes summary of the refund if the user wishes to contact their bank regarding his refund.

-In the event that the shop experienced the inconvenience of a unavailability of an item, the user would be repaid and the applicability of chargeback will only be for the missing item and is subject to the store's chargeback policy).

-The debit/credit card used to place an order must be the user’s or else the user needs to obtain legal approval from the owner of the card before proceeding with the purchase.

After carefully reviewing all of the terms and conditions, the user is totally responsible for order placement using his credit or debit card.


If any part of these Terms is found to be unenforceable, illicit, or invalid, or for any reason, that part shall be considered severable from these Terms and will have no effect on the enforceability or legitimacy of any of the terms' provisions. other elements of these Terms. No renunciation by us will be interpreted as a renunciation of any prior or subsequent violation of any provision.


The YOU app provides the user an authorization in viewing and downloading the app, to send email, to post about the app on social media platform and this authorization may be canceled at any moment. Other uses are not authorized.

The user may not integrate in any compilation, database or cache any material, content, or information. Any product, service, information, material, content, or software, obtained from the app may not be modified, copied, distributed, republished, transmitted, displayed, performed, reproduced, published, reused, resold, licensed, created derivative works from, transferred, or sold, unless otherwise stated.

The user cannot not deep-link to the app for any reason or access the service with any automated process, extraction software, robot, or device for scraping, copying, or monitoring any part of the app for any material on the app unless the app specifically authorizes the user to do so.Any individual or entity that breaches this paragraph will be subject to all the app's statutory and common law rights. In addition, without prior written authorization, the user may not connect to or frame any sections of the app, or any information or material contained within, in whole or in part.

Any rights not expressly permitted are retained in this document.

Contribution License

By contributing to any part of the YOU app, the user automatically allows the YOU app an irreversible, interminable, nonexclusive, transferable, completely paid, worldwide license for using, copying, performing and displaying publicly, reformatting, excerpting partly or wholly, and allocating contributions of that such for any reason, commercial, marketing, or in relation with the app or thereof promoting them, to arrange derivative works of, or to integrate into other works, such contributions, and providing and permitting sublicensing of the foregoing.

However, the YOU app reserves the right in amending, redacting or editing any contribution; reclassifying any contribution to position it in suitable locations; or removing or pre-screening any contributions deemed inappropriate or contrary to this agreement.


The user agrees in indemnifying and holding the YOU app, its parent (WeDeliver), and its employees innocuous from any case, request, or harm. (Whether direct, indirect, or consequential), including lawyers' charges, made by anybody regarding your utilization of the site, with your entries, with any supposed encroachment of protected innovation or other right of any individual or substance connecting with the site, your infringement of these Terms of Use, and some other demonstrations or oversights connecting with the site.


Orders, text, images, graphics, links, as well as all other information, content, products, services, and materials available through the app (whether provided by YOU app, the users, or memebers, or 3rd parties), are without warranties, made available either expressly or impliedly. The YOU appdisclaims all express and implied representations and

warranties, which includes but is not constrained to warranties of merchantability,

fitness for a specific title, purpose, noninfringement, independence from viruses, and warranties emerging from course of performance or dealing, to the fullest extent permitted by the law.