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The best multi-vertical delivery service in Bahrain

Tired of delivery apps not delivering within the promised timeframe? Or glitchy apps that continuously freezes or resets your order? We’ve all been there! We’re pleased to announce the launch of the best multi-vertical delivery platform. Try YOU app today and explore the multiple offerings on the platform that are guaranteed to meet your daily needs and address the multiple pain points that you as an individual experience on a daily basis. For example, last minute plans with guests and no snacks and dinner plan set? No worries, shop from our grocery for on spot same day delivery and on our F&B vertical to order everyone’s favorite meals!

With YouApp, no need to look for a restaurant menu online the old school way, your order is just a few taps away! Scroll and search for the most delicious options whether you’re craving Mexican, burgers, Indian, Thai, pizza and more! YOU app also offers local and international chains on the platform ranging from fast food to cafes to satisfy your hunger at every meal.

The app currently offers free YouApp delivery as part of its launch promotions, and YOUapp delivers to Manama and beyond. YOU app is committed to delivering to all areas of Bahrain so no matter where you are, rest assured we’re here to take care of you and deliver your items to you precisely right to your doorstep. The free delivery offer is also valid on our health & beauty, fashion, lifestyle, flowers and grocery verticals.

With YOUapp, you are guaranteed to live happier! Our platform is exponentially growing in the market and YouApp proudly received positive feedback from multiple review platforms. It only gets better from here and we can’t wait to shift the experience into a new level of comfort and convenience.

YOU app, is more than the best online shop in Bahrain, it goes beyond. It also acts as a home to boutique owners as an online fashion store in Bahrain. So if you’re looking for the best online clothing stores in Bahrain, YOU app carries them all.

The app has aspirations to become the biggest fashion platform locally in the Kingdom and act as a home to multiple fashion and beauty boutiques and as a platform for up and coming local fashion designers to display the latest collections for sale. Shop from over 100 products and from the platform’s very own brand label Trendy by YOU so you’re always dressed in the latest fashion trends in style!

Furthermore, no look is completed without the right makeup! Shop the latest cosmetics and makeup products and accessories on YOU app. We have your full fashion needs sorted from head to toe.

Ready to live happier? Download YouApp on the App Store and Google Play today!