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The Future of Online Grocery with YOU app

Online grocery is the new upcoming emerging trend with q-commerce. As life gets busier and routines keep constantly changing due to the ongoing pandemic, consumer behavior has shifted towards online shopping for a multitude of needs, including groceries which lead to an increase in the online food delivery platforms and everyone is looking for food online platforms!

McKinsey reports that entities with an online presence are witnessing a rapid increase when it comes to demand, eg: grocery and vendors selling essential products. It is recommended these outlets should maintain their sustainability and profitability through online activities such as optimizing baskets and rationalizing product ranges to provide a consistent delivery service for their customers.

Here are the factors shaping the future of online grocery shopping and delivery service in Bahrain:

The emergence of automation:

While combatting shortages and multiple changes to operational strategies, the grocery industry is adapting to new methods such as automation. Automation technology helps with the heavy flow of businesses online and on-site. This proves helpful when managing tasks at the warehouse as well and the backroom instead of just using this technology on the floor with face-to-face customers.

Fresher meals and more convenient solutions:

Grocers are moving towards creating “prepared meals” or “ready-to-cook” meals, which are bundles with ingredients readily placed for direct cooking. This approach creates convenience for customers who do not prefer take out but those who want to reduce time spent preparing and cooking meals at home. 2022 will see this section being expanded with more meal selections and adopted by more grocery outlets. Demand for online shopping is set to increase:

The new online shopping trend is having groceries delivered. Shopping for groceries online has become the new emerging trend with exceptionally high demand from consumers, and supermarkets will now have to be aware on how to develop their grocery delivery service without compromising quality or costs for the consumer. Additionally, grocery delivery times are expected to be shorter since “on-demand” delivery is also on the rise.

Expected delivery times are going to be further shortened:

As mentioned, the new delivery trend of “q-commerce” or “quick commerce” which means groceries are to be delivered within 30 minutes or less from the time of the order is going to be pivotal to the industry. This opens a new opportunity for supermarkets to provide premium delivery options to further facilitate more opportunities for orders and maintain profitability. So supermarket delivery in Bahrain is very important now! Consumers are more reliant on delivery options than ever before, and expect their brands of choice to be available for delivery from the supermarkets they regularly shop at. If these needs are not met, consumers face no issue moving to competing supermarkets that provide them with the best delivery service and value. People are looking for the best local grocery delivery services Bahrain. Most major grocery outlets are now developing their own delivery systems or are partnering with a third-party delivery platform to accommodate the new consumer expectations and demands.

The increase in demand for plant-based products: More consumers are opting to move towards plant-based products instead of conventional ones. This lifestyle option is no longer just a “trend” and it seems to be catching on with mainstream shoppers. Whether it be for dietary or health reasons, vegan and plant-based products have been steadily filling up grocery shelves especially with the awareness of its benefits being at an all-time high. Best-sellers are milk alternatives and frozen meat alternatives, which need to be provided when it comes to online delivery. Research shows at least one plant-based item has been added to cart when it came to online grocery shopping.

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