The most in-demand health and beauty products in 2022

With the recent global health events, it is no secret customers are upgrading their wellness game and are paying closer attention to their overall health and hygiene standards. Customers are always on the lookout for new and upgraded platforms to shop bath products online and buy skin care products online from:

Here are the products that customers will be repeatedly purchasing throughout the year:

  • Vitamins & supplements

    Customers are shifting towards healthier approaches when it comes to their overall health. This includes their diet which in turn increased the sales of vitamins and supplements in 2021 and the rise in demand is still observed today.

  • Over-The-Counter Upper respiratory medications

    Sales of OTC respiratory medications have increased as consumers are now paying more attention to their respiratory quality and ensuring they have easy access to remedies that help with sinus and cold related issues before booking a doctor’s appointment.

  • Pain relief products

    Hospital and clinic appointments have been witnessing a decline in visits since the stress pandemic placed on healthcare facilities. This initiated a change in how customers prefer to treat pain related health issues before opting for a hospital visit.

  • Oral hygiene products

    With the costs of dental procedures rising globally, consumers are putting extra care into their dental hygiene standards by including the use of mouthwashes and flossing more diligently in addition to using drugstore whitening care kits at home.

  • Optical care

    Living in a digital age that includes high exposure to screen time, the sales of eyedrops and eyeglasses have tremendously increased in efforts to improve optical care and reducing health issues that can stem from long screen time exposure.

  • Gastrointestinal& stomach remedy products

    Stress and unhealthy dietary intakes are big attributors to gastrointestinal issues, which saw this number rising as customers opt for easily accessible foods such as fast food and microwavable meals in addition to take-away culture rapidly rising.

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