YOU app’s insights into the best-selling lifestyle products online in 2021

What a year it has been for electronics and lifestyle products! We live in a time and place where there is a practical solution to your every need, so it’s really not a mystery as to why these items always top the charts of best-selling products in almost every e-commerce platform. In the e-commerce consumer electronics market, Statista reports that the estimated revenue by 2025 will rise to 156.8 billion US dollars.

The following items could be a great indicator of all things big and small that you will need to keep in your own store to boost your sales in 2022. Here are the top selling electronics and lifestyle products of 2021:

Reusable Water Bottles:

Consumers are beginning to shift towards a health-conscious mindset, in addition to paying more attention to sustainability initiatives. That said, it is clear why reusable water bottle sales are continuously on the rise, and the demand for them will continue to grow throughout 2022 as consumers are likely to spend more on a sturdy reusable product instead of a one-use only or single-use plastic item.

Board Games:

The rise of board games is mainly credited to lockdown and the pandemic forcing majority of consumers to stay at home. The fun of board games is not lost on everyone just yet, thanks to lockdown and current gatherings, board games have become a social setting staple to guarantee memories of excitement and laughter with groups. Notably, the rise of chess games is also credited to the Netflix hit show “The Queen’s Gambit”.

Wireless Chargers:

With affordable chargers being rolled out in the market, it makes sense as to why the wireless charging industry is projected to grow in 6 years to over 40 billion USD. This could be a great opportunity for your store to keep a variety of wireless chargers in stock to guarantee a surefire sale this year. Allied market research reports the wireless charging industry is bound to grow to an expected reach of  $40.24 billion by 2027.

Yoga and Pilates mats:

It goes without saying that Yoga and Pilates are the top trending workouts of the last couple of years, and still maintains its longevity as yoga is linked to improving physical and mental health which can be achieved from home or in a group class. Furthermore, the viral exposure of social media content relating to Yoga and Pilates has been a contributor as to why sales of these mats are on the rise.

Phone Tripods:

Two words: social media, or more specifically“TikTok”. The steady growth of phone tripods jumped rapidly in 2020 when it became easier for content to be produced from the comfort of the consumer’s home. Google searches for “Phone Tripod” have been dominating the list of searches in 2021. The trend of buying phone tripods seems like it’s here to stay as we move more towards a semi-permanent inclusion of social media in our lives.


The number of podcasts and vlogs being produced from home is drastically increasing. Therefore, sound quality is a key requirement to ensure the sound quality output is akin to professional quality for a fraction of the price of the actual equipment. Also, this includes microphones for individuals working from home who are in continuous communication via zoom meetings and such.

Gadgets and electronics are a key vertical you want to keep in your business to ensure profitability and growth, especially if you are providing these services on an online platform, such as YOU app. With YOU app, boost your online sales and gain a competitive advantage above the rest and reach more customers than ever before. Contact a YOU app representative today for more information!

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